Indicium Crest Group - Partner, collaborate or allow us to serve you
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Welcome to Indicium Crest

 For those who love it short. Call us Incres

 Partner, collaborate or allow us to provide you with a service for your venture

We Ideate

At Indicium Crest it is understood that ideas are in the air. Pluck it or it will be plucked. We will never say no. Infact if you have an idea come partner with us and lets build on it.

We Innovate

Got an idea that requires innovation? Or a business that needs to go online with an X factor? A cup of coffee will solve it all with our Grade A consultation just for you.

We Integrate

A launch of the product needs a strong anchor to hold its grounds. Indicium Crest will be that anchor by providing the technical & marketing support. Lets collaborate.

We Implement

With our roots in various ventures of different niche, a collaboration with us shall enable you venture not only ready to be launched but also ready to be marketed. Let do it.

The one of its kind company helping you create, launch and strategize business for your venture.

Over the past 6 years, the founders of Indicium Crest have collectively assisted and launched over 20 different ventures under the name of Incres or in collaboration and partnership with various different people. The ventures are spread in the field of IT Services, Ecommerce, Marketing, Advertisement and IT Products. If you have an idea, we will be happy to assist you from the conceptualisation to launch and furthermore into marketing and investment strategy.

Partner or Collaborate
Paying to get your idea started is not the only way to go. Partner with Incres and we will make sure that you get supported from beginning to end.
Have an idea? Or got funds but need an idea to enter the startup world? Get in touch and let's get a world class venture started.
Technical Setup
Your venture/idea will need a tech team for sure. Partner with us and we will make sure your idea gets implemented and launched.
Let's Startegise
Don't know how your venture will be marketed? How about we strategize it for you and give you a tailor made solution that is different and innovative.
Market with us
Need your venture to be marketed offline/online? We got the tools. With our partner venture in various fields, we will make sure you reach out to right audience.
Get Invested
A heap of investors await to invest in good ideas. But to reach that level you need a good startegy and plan. We are here to help you with it.
Go Diverse
Do not stop in exploring one avenue. We support and partner in many genres and niche of startups. If you wish to go diverse we are here to collaborate.
Innovative Ideology
With a vast range of contacts due to the versatile domains of ventures that Incres has partnered in, we enable you to connect & innovate new ideas in your venture.

How we work

It is simple. We talk, analyse, search, start and launch.

We talk

Over a coffee, beer, tea...

Talking gets ideas on the table. You learn more about your product. It's like talking after a breakup and realising she/he was weird. We talk about your idea to polish it into a better or systematic approach.

We analyse

Yes in today's world.. we write

Talking at times doesn't really imply you're done expressing your idea. We move onto the boards and have a ``board meeting`` with you to capture the nitty gritties and future vision/plan you have.

We search

Search for what you ask? Read on...

Once the Idea that was there in the air is now laid out as a plan, we look around for anything/anyone that can get the idea to be implemented and marketed. This mostly includes our partner companies.

We Start

Start building... stay calm man!

Once our partners are out there ready to help us in any way they can. We get it all in place & begin implementing the idea on the Tech, Marketing and Management front to stay ready for the launch.

We Launch

Fasten your seatbelts.. Quick!

Finally with everything in place we launch the product in the market in the beta mode and analyse the response. That being done we pivot/modify the model based on the response as a part of the after support.

Incres ventures

The Founders

Them heart and the brain behind Indicium Crest Group.

Ashutosh Gaur

The Creative Talker

Ashutosh has been a part of the entrepreneurial arena ever since he entered the big bad world i.e. left college. He has founded 3 ventures of his own & assisted & consulted in over 20 different ventures for others. His forte lies in under Creativity, Business Development & Conceptualising in an idea brought to him & believes in implementing ideas as they come.

Vineet Talwar

The Silent Implementer

Vineet is a silent yet hungry-for-knowledge person who has been into learning from the past 7 years in the field of IT. He has been a part of many ventures leading the technical front of the same, post to which he founded 2 ventures in the field of entertainment and IT products. Vineet stays in Germany now consulting ventures on the technical front for Incres


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